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Mad About Mad Men

I am very excited that Mad Men is finally back after a long hiatus. Here are my favorite Mad Men related items from the last couple of weeks. Zou Bisou Bisou!


The Oatmeal presents “What Would Don Draper Do?”

Mad Men-Era Decor.

All of Don’s Ladies.

The Complete Collection of Mad Men Premiere GIFs.

Mad Men Sing “Set Me Free”

Mad Men Replaces Song in Season Premiere.

If Don Draper Handled Modern Marketing.

Everything Don Draper Said in Season 4.

Mad Men Subway Poster Graffiti.

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The Magnetic Fields

I didn’t get a chance to see The Magnetic Fields when they played two shows at The Vic earlier in the week, but I’ve been following them since the first time I played “100,000 Fireflies” on WHPK in 1991. Since that time I have purchased virtually every release that featured the name Stephin Merritt (The Soundtrack to Eban and Charley, anyone?) including the most recent The Magnetic Fields record called Love at the Bottom of the Sea. I was fortunate enough to see them perform 69 Love Songs at The Old Town School of Folk Music as well as a triumphant show at The Town Hall in New York City. I went to The Siskel Center to see a screening of the wonderful movie Strange Powers and I’ve read 69 Love Songs, LD Beghtol’s contribution to the 33 1/3 Series. So yes, I’m a fan. But even all that time spent with The Magnetic Fields did not prepare me for this video of Sam Davol playing the cello inside of The Wiener Circle.

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I Have Many Leather-Bound Books and My Apartment Smells of Rich Mahogany

While you are waiting for my review of Nellcôte and The Hunger Games please enjoy this bit of awesomeness.

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Cool Things You Might Have Missed

Daniel Vosovic is my all time favorite Project Runway alum. I saw his cute mug hanging out at Mood a couple of years ago. And I adore is new Fall Collection.

Great profile of Novak Djokovic this past Sunday on 60 Minutes. He may not be one of my favorite tennis players, but he does have a remarkable story, and I am a sucker for his impressions.

photo from

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Dinner and a Movie

This weekend, we ate dinner at a new restaurant, Nellcote, and saw  “The Hunger Games”. And we each wrote a review. Enjoy!

Mollie: On Friday night, Pete and I got dressed up and went with our dinner club (comprised of three couples) to Nellcote, a new restaurant on Randolph Street. Randolph is currently reclaiming its previous glory as Restaurant Row. There is some amazing food being served on this block–and it’s being served to a very scene-y crowd—which intimidates me. I was half expecting to see Zac Efron and Lady Gaga’s boyfriend dining together. Or for Lee Dewyze to be lurking near the bar. Alas, I had to be content with spotting Tim Smithe, of Walter E. Smithe Custom Furniture fame, munching on the yummy pizza. Yes, Nellcote was full of dudes sporting salmon pants—but the space is beautiful (note the cool entry tile pictured above), the service was good (when I could hear the waitress–it is very loud), and the food was tasty—especially the bread, pizza, and pasta. We had to wait a bit for our table, but we were given complimentary glasses of champagne upon sitting. Nice. However, I have to say that I spent a lot time wondering what all the employees walking around with earpieces were doing and who’s job it is to light the candles in the super high sconces. I also must note that I’ve had enough “small plates”. I just want to order my own meal. What is the deal with all these small plates? I give Nellcote 2.5/4 stars—-thoroughly enjoyed my experience, but not sure if I would go back.

This afternoon, we headed up to Evanston, Fandango tickets in hand, to see “The Hunger Games”! I have read and enjoyed the books and was pumped, Pete was being nice and tagging along. A big budget movie, but not as big as some peers, I appreciated the creativity and resourcefulness of the filmmakers.  A very faithful adaptation of the book and perfectly cast–even Lenny Kravitz. And Liam Hemsworth. When Pete and I attended a taping of “Live with Regis and Kelly” last May, Jennifer Lawrence was a guest. I was smitten with her. She makes Katniss likeable—which isn’t always the case in the book. She is striking without make-up in the arena, and gorgeous with gobs of make-up on in the capitol. Why isn’t MAC, who provided the make-up, doing a Hunger Games line?? And, of course the theater was packed–one row inhabited by a tween birthday party. Plus, we saw some exciting trailers. The tweens gasped at the new “Twilight”, and I gasped at “Dark Shadows”. I give “The Hunger Games” 3/4 stars. Not as good as a Harry Potter movie, but better than a “Twilight”.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Pete’s reviews…

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John Sayles is a Badass

Last night, Pete and I attended Literary Rock & Roll: American Dreamers, part of Story Week, at Metro. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Heidi Durrow read from her book, “The Girl who Fell from the Sky”. I’m putting it on my to-read list for sure. And I enjoyed hearing about her creative process, publishing woes, and charming Barabara Kingsolver story—one of my favorite writers. I love hearing that people I admire are nice.

After Durow’s reading, it was John Sayles‘ turn. He was there to share from his novel, “A Moment in the Sun”. John Sayles is MASSIVE. He’s like eight feet tall with sharp facial features, huge Popeye forearms, and a tuft of white hair protruding from his barely buttoned black shirt. Sayles looks like he could knock out a younger man with one punch. He looks like a comic book hero that fights alligators in the Amazon. But I could also picture him buying art in Taos. I’m a big fan of his films, especially “Lone Star”. However, I don’t really know what his book is about. Boy stuff—war or something. I’m sure it’s amazing—he’s definitely a passionate (and prolific) storyteller. But I obviously prefer stories about people and families and personal experience.

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King James

Nice work, Lebron. #WeAreTrayvonMartin


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I Heart Hand & Cloth

I was thrilled to see Hand & Cloth featured in this week’s Time Out Chicago. Started by adorable Chicagoan Sarah Aulie (who went to school with my brother), H & C provides a group of women in Bangladesh with job, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. These employees hand stitch beautiful kantha, a traditional blanket made from repurposed vintage sari cloth. Then Sarah and her team bring them back to the states to sell online, in a few shops, and at events like Dose Market. My mom and I bought a couple kantha from Sarah a few years ago. I adore mine. It looks fab on the sofa or bed and would also be a cool window panel. And Lemur loves napping on his, um, I mean mine.

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Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets this afternoon so it looks like Jimmy Fallon will have to get to work on yet another Tebowie song. Thankfully, we can enjoy the song from last night while we wait.

Also: A Savior Comes to New York.

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Cool Things You Might Have Missed

I spend an inordinate time on the internet and as a result I see the occasional cool thing that I want to share. Here are some of those things:

I really like New Girl and I love Parks and Recreation and two of my favorite characters on those shows have unique styles when it comes to picking up women.

Following in the very successful footsteps of Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari is now selling his latest comedy special for $5. (Aziz Ansari)

2 Broke Girls is an awful television show. Here’s why.

Spend 48 Minutes with Itchy and Scratchy. (via The AV Club)

Will The Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

Chow Down (at Chick-fil-A)

Let’s hope the Once musical is as good as the film.

It feels like summer in Chicago so enjoy a great new summer jam from local band Hollows.

Fun! Six Degrees of Black Sabbath.

I also love Friday Night Lights and Mad Men. (via @MoRyan and OHYST)

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