Thursday Morning Links

Bon Iver Erotica.

Perfume Genius “Dark Parts” Video.

War on Drugs on Letterman.

The Smiths Aren’t Reuniting.

Interview: Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s.

Black Keys “Lonely Boy” Cover.

“Some Study That I Used To Know” Video.

One Man Newsies Medley.

Moneyball 2.

“Call Me Maeby” Video.

Save Community.

Christopher Hitchens Memorial.

More Obama in a Bar Photos.

Kim Kardashian at The Correspondent’s Dinner.

Read about Three Floyds.

Dogs and Dexter.

A Random Face Generator.

The Future, In 1979.


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One response to “Thursday Morning Links

  1. I sure am glad I saw The Smiths in ’86 @ the Aragon Brawlroom. The opening act for that show was phenom too. Look up Phranc (her album “Folksinger is great).

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