We Would Listen to Coach Taylor

We loved NBC’s Friday Night Lights. I still claim that the very first season is among the finest seasons in the history of dramatic television. And other than the Landry/Tyra murder arc early in season 2, the show had some of the sharpest writing ever over the course of it’s five season run. I often go back and watch some of my favorite episodes (especially “Mud Bowl,” “Hello, Goodbye,” “New York, New York,” “The Son,”) and all the emotions come rushing back like I was watching them for the very first time. I got so wrapped up in this show that I can still remember the day I ditched my Dillon Panthers gear in favor of the East Dillon Lions colors. I would watch an an entire season consisting solely of Coach and Tami Taylor pillow talk, but in the meantime I’ll just listen to Coach Taylor. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose. This video is a couple of months old, but I just ran across it over at Stereogum via the AV Club.


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