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Pop Culture Is Horrified By That Internet Explorer Icon On Your Desktop

See more here.

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Too Much Good Stuff this Weekend

There is just too much going on in Chicago this weekend! Awesome problem, I know.

Just for Laughs festival. I recommend checking out Pete Holmes at the Hideout.

Friends perform at Schubas. The Hundred in the Hand perform at Empty Bottle. As do 2:54.

Red Sox at Cubs. We’ll be there cheering on our beleaguered Cubbies on Saturday night.

Taste of Randolph. The Hold Steady and Los Campesinos PLUS make sure to say to hi Freckles the Firehouse Dog and pick up his new t-shirt.

Your Sister’s Sister and Safety Not Guaranteed open at local theaters.

Artists of the Wall Festival in Rogers Park at Loyola Beach. This is where I’ll be spending most of my weekend—painting a bench.

Chicago Park District FINALLY opens outdoor pools.

Father’s Day.

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“Avocado Season” at Subway makes me want to barf. More like “Green Gloop Season”.

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Long Weekend

On Friday afternoon, Pete and I cut out of work early, leashed up Stickers, and walked down to Andersonville for some sun and shandys. We also stopped by Haymaker, a swell local design shop, for Stickers to claim the title: cutest dog of the day. It was a great start to the weekend—save for my sandal breaking on the walk home.

The Gastronauts met Friday evening at Pequod Pizzeria in Morton Grove. Later this summer, Peaquod’s is moving from their charming little wood paneled home to a big, slick new location near the train station. So we had to bid adieu and enjoy some of their renowned cheese pan pizza and raise a few glasses of Tucher.

Saturday lunch: leftovers.

On Saturday afternoon, we headed south to enjoy the evening with our friends Becky and Billy, super cute kids, Maggie and Alex, and precious pup, Lewey in their lovely backyard. It was great to barbeque and relax and roast marshmallows for smores—perfect for Memorial Day weekend. Pete played basketball and catch with Alex. And I loved chatting about animals with Maggie. Pictured above is Stickers posing with Maggie’s portrait of her.

Our weekly SociaBulls walk kicked off the second half of the long weekend. Stickers trotted with her pittie buds along the path in Garfield Park. I liked the ponds bordered with purple flowers. She liked the water break. Yes, it was very hot on Sunday. We stopped by newly opened Glazed and Infused in Wicker Park for doughnuts on the way home. Yum. Raspberry glazed and vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

Our pals Jim and Albert, of The Found, met us for dinner Sunday night at Chilapan on Montrose. Dinner was delicious and the conversation was even better. Always lots of giggles. The only thing missing was Stickers and their dog, Macho Todd. Afterwards, Pete and I made our way to the 22 bus and waited out the 20 minute lag by sharing a PBR and enjoying a few country tunes at Carol’s Pub.

Monday was also very hot.

We celebrated Memorial Day by working during the day and taking in a show at Millenium Park at night. The Pritzker Pavilion was the perfect location to hear Kelly Hogan perform live. She has such an amazing voice and a fabulous backing band.

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Presented Without Comment


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And here is the GIF you’ve been waiting for. (via)

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Poor Tim Riggins…

Nice letter from Matt Pais to Taylor Kitsch in today’s Red Eye.

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Leftover Links

Happy Friday. A few things that we are enjoying on this beautiful day.

Dog Cave the Queen.

Law & Order & Food.

Leonardo DiCaprio Eating Soup.

The Life and Times of Liz Lemon’s Hair.

Classic Wingers. Best Community GIFs.

50 Shades of Grey Read by Gilbert Gottfried.

Literary Maps of the US and UK.

Joey Lawrence: Male Stripper.

Black Metrosexual Abe Lincoln.

Betty White Kissing Uggie.

Mad Magazine Rejection.


Tributes to Maurice Sendak.

Watch: In A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake.

Watch: Entire Bowery Ballroom Show from Beach House.

New York State Senate Tribute to MCA.

Saturday is MCA Day in NYC.

Stream: El-P Cancer for Cure.

New Afghan Whigs!

Regina Spektor on Letterman.

Handsome Furs Are Breaking Up.

Tennis: 60 Seconds Left.

Greg Kot on Kelly Hogan.

fun. Cover Gotye. Related: Road Rage.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse “Clementine” Video.

Van Halen Postpones Tour.

Where To Drink Craft Beer This Week.

First Look: The Trencherman.

Kitty Pryde “Okay Cupid”

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Weekend Review: Dogs, Moms, Pizzas, & Roller Coasters

Friday was a GORGEOUS day. And the perfect day for a visit to Six Flags Great America! Just us and some high school field trips. Very short lines. We were able to ride every major ride (including The Demon—slightly major) in five hours–plus eat a couple giant pretzels. And the American Eagle was a total surprise retro treat. I haven’t ridden it in years. Such a fun classic. Pete is afraid of heights. But he still had a blast, white knuckles and all. He seemed to especially enjoy Raging Bull and Vertical Velocity.

We ended the day on the beautiful carousel, where we chose to ride the cats.

During our drive back to the city, I noticed via twitter that Fido To Go, a dog food truck, was in Andersonville. We arrived home just in time to grab Stickers and head over for Mac n Cheese frozen yogurt, coconut muffins, and peanut butter cookies. Pete and I treated ourselves to Mexican food and Tecates. Yums all around.

On Saturday, we awoke to rain and SociaBulls was canceled. So when the weather improved later in the day, we took Stickers up to Evanston to walk through the sculpture garden and play in the mud with her Cousin Maddie. Plus, Pete got a tour of my dad’s new smoker. He’s a good sport.

Before we headed up to Evanston, I made pizza dough. Jim’s pizza dough recipe. Pete and I had a great night at home—listening to tunes, drinking cocktails, and making pizza. One–vegetarian sausage, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and basil. The other–classic margherita.

We wrapped up the weekend with a lovely Mother’s Day brunch at Bill (my bro), Nina (my new sister-in-law), and Tiger Lily’s (their cute cat) apartment. It was wonderful to be able to spend a sunny afternoon with my mom and Nina’s mom and grandmother.

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Yay or Neigh

As you know from this week’s post about our trip to Louisville, I love horses and the sport of horse racing. I love going to Louisville during the derby and watching the extensive race coverage. I love books about horses – Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley, Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand. And movies – Secretariat, Seabiscuit. I love going to Arlington Park in the summer. I grew up going to the races at Ruidoso Downs. And my namesake, Aunt Mollie, had a fondness for betting on the ponies.

I love the beautiful horses and silks and the grounds, and the speed and excitement.

But as animal lover and animal rights advocate, I’m very disturbed by the recent articles and interviews about rampant abuse in racing. I feel very conflicted about supporting this sport. I love horse racing for the reasons I stated, and I hate that it is being marred by these unscrupulous trainers and owners. I feel terrible for the horses and jockeys that are hurt by over-racing, over-medicating, and under-caring.

Walt Bogdanich and Joe Drape were on Fresh Air yesterday discussing the details of their investigation into horse racing in America. Here is their work in The New York Times.

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