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Suits That Fly



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Come See Us at Renegade!

Come see La Familia Green at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. The festival takes place from 11am-7pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Our booth is #143 and located on Division Street near Paulina.  Stop by, say hi, and take a look at all of our great new merchandise.

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Off to the Races

I love The Cosby Show, and in honor of tonight’s Olympic relay races, here is a little flashback. Combustible Huxtable  vs. Tailwind Turner and Combustible Huxtable & Tailwind Turner vs. Valerie Brisco Hooks. Enjoy.

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Happy Birthday Mollie!

Today we are celebrating Mollie’s birthday by running, watching Wimbledon, seeing a movie, eating a healthy lunch and taking in some professional tennis. See you tomorrow!

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John McEnroe Drinking Game

Let me first say that I love John McEnroe. Here I am pictured in my Johnny Mac tee. But, over the course of many years and many hours watching and listening to him provide knowledgeable and witty tennis color commentary, I have noticed that he has some habits. And the John McEnroe Drinking Game was born. I recommend adding a Pimm’s Cup or glass of champagne to your Breakfast at Wimbledon on Friday morning for the Djokovic vs. Federer match.

Take one sip:

If he mentions a player’s height.

If he brings up his nostalgia for wooden rackets or gut strings.


Take two sips:

If he makes a proclamation. (He is playing the best tennis of his life! He is the best returner on tour!)

If he talks about his wish to add a fifth set tie break.

If he mentions practicing with a current tour player.


Take three sips:

If he mentions Jimmy Connors or Vitas Gerulaitis.

If he says: “This could be Andy Roddick’s year!”

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Happy Fourth from our Top Dog

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about taking Stickers to a TV station to shoot a promo? Well, Stickers is now officially a TV star! And we think our precious girl looks adorable in her spot…even though she does have questionable taste in programming…

It was very very exciting to catch her promo a couple times already. Lots of hooting and hollering.

Make sure to vote for Stickers! (BTW…you can vote everyday this month)

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Rufus, the Wimbledon Hawk

I have always loved that Wimbledon utilizes a hawk to control it’s pigeon situation. Though I wouldn’t mind if a pigeon pooped on Djokovic’s head…

Follow Rufus on Twitter.

Also, John McEnroe is in agreement with me that Andy Roddick has a fighting chance this year. We’ll see…

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