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Extra! Extra! La Familia Green on the Local News!

Thanks to Kevin Aeh, shopping editor at Time Out Chicago, my “insurance” Father’s Day card was featured on the 11 am ABC 7 news yesterday! So fun to see Linda Yu holding the card, inspired by my dad.

Also, La Familia Green dog and cat cards are on sale at Exclusive packs, 40% off, ONE MORE DAY!

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NSS from afar, Part 2

Scrolling through new Stationery Show posts today from Poppytalk and Design Sponge, I found many more cards and prints to love. (Pictured are a few of my cards in the DaisyD booth–thanks to Jim of The Found for the photo and thanks to Pam and her crew for representing me well this week.)

Kathryn Hunter of Blackbird Letterpress (I adore their die cut animal cards) did an excellent job of covering the show for Poppytalk. She turned me on to some great new lines (or new to me):

Katharine Watson block prints

image via Katharine Watson

adorableness from Leafcutter Designs

image via Kathryn Hunter/Poppytalk

the birds of Bowerbox Press

image via Bowerbox Press

And reminded me of some of my faves:

the rich graphics of Banquet Workshop

image via Banquet Workshop

cute cards from Fugu Fugu Press

image via Fugu Fugu Press

new Texas Hill Country notebooks from Pistachio Press

image via Kathryn Hunter/Poppytalk

Design Sponge also featured a couple of my favorite designers today:

another cool cat with a bowtie, this time from Pei Design

image via Design Sponge

girls and cats from Ghost Academy

image via Ghost Academy

And I love creative booth design. Audrey from Urbanic posted this photo via Twitter. It’s a floor made of vinyl tape (cute shoes too). Probably not fun to stand on for four days, but it looks fantastic.

image via Audrey Woollen

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NSS from afar

Yes, those long days at the Javits are grueling, there’s always a long line at the bathroom, and it’s an achievement to pay for your walls–but I love attending the National Stationery Show in New York. It’s like camp for papergood designers and buyers. I always look forward to seeing my old friends and making new ones. I love to see what Pie Bird Press, The Great Lakes, Hammerpress, Hello Lucky, The Found, Enormous Champion, Smitten Kitten, Egg Press, and Two Trick Pony, to name a few, are up to. I love catching up with shop owners and bloggers. I love going out to dinner with peers and gabbing about the biz. I love to create and install my booth.

image via Pie Bird Press

My cards are being exhibited this year by my New York sales rep. So I’m attending the show via social media. It’s not fun to feel like everyone is at a slumber party that I’m not invited to, but I have enjoyed the coverage. I make time to walk the show when I attend, and when something is different and special, it really stands out. Oh So Beautiful Paper turned me on to Left Field Cards. These are awesome. Colorful and clever and different than anything else I’ve seen–amidst a show seemingly full of hipster branding themes. I’ll remember these for Pete for Christmas.

image via Left Field Cards

I’m a sucker for animals, and I’ve enjoyed seeing shots of Sycamore Street Press‘ adorable fauna-filled cards.

image via Sycamore Street Press

And Design Sponge mentioned these cat cards from Fancy Seeing You Here. Good call, Grace.

image via Fancy Seeing You Here

Carrie Siegel of Two Trick Pony recommended via Twitter to check out Azuline. And from what I see on their blog, the designs are right in my wheelhouse.

image via Azuline

And finally, Egg Press wowed me with their new gift wrap.

image via Egg Press

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