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Can Anyone Understand “True Detective?”


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Dean Effing Pelton


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Community Returns!

I’m extremely excited that Community finally returns to NBC tonight. It has been so long since we have heard from the folks at Greendale that Dean Pelton wrote a movie and won an Academy Award while they were away. Plus, I won’t have to rely on The Soup for my weekly Joel McHale fix. In honor of the return of Community, here are some of the best Community related items that I’ve come across in the last couple of days. And don’t forget to watch tonight!

Community Relationships Chart.

Fan-Made Hiatus Tributes.

25 Facts About The Cast of Community.

Dean Pelton Costumes.

Community Easter Eggs.

Community: Arrested Development Style:

Community Returns Trailer:

Community: Prometheus Trailer:

Community Law & Order:

And a classic: The Best of Troy & Abed:

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