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Leftover Links

Look at This.

Paper Prometheus.

Watch: Tim Burton: A Filmography.

Watch: Girl Will Be First In Family To Attend College.

Walt White Photoshop.

Reggie Watts Covers Van Halen.

CeCe Peniston-Dandy Warhols Mash-Up.


Danny Brown “Grown Up” Video:


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Leftover Links

Here are some things that I’ve enjoyed over the past several days.


Ween Break Up.

Check out pictures of Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix.

Listen: Azealia Banks 1991 EP.

Check Out: Antony Hegarty “Rise”

Green Music Festival Lineup.

Mixtape Coffee Table.

Animated Albums.

CBGB Cast Revealed.

Shut Up and Play The Hits Coming to Theaters in July.

“Pianists in Paris”

Say Yes to the Pants.

Jim Romenesko Pinterest.

Flavorwire’s 10 Most Anticipated Summer TV Shows.

25 Best Catchphrases in Television History.

Anthony Bourdain to CNN.

Breweries of the United States.

Bulldogs High-Fiving.

Livestream: Miranda’s Kittens.

Monkeys + Synthesizers.

Siri Tells John Malkovich a Better Joke:


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Leftover Links

Here are a bunch of things we like:

Awesome of the Day: Movie Simpsons.

Redd Kross: “Researching the Blues”

Birth of an Album: In the Studio with Neko Case.

Fun. “Call Me Maybe”

Bobby Womack is “Cancer Free.”

RIP: Led Zeppelin II

50 Shades of Grey Sales: An Infographic.

The Avengers Inspired Cocktails.

Dark Knight Rises Posters.

Infographic: Wes Anderson Actors.

Threequel: Even More Famous Faces in their Film Debuts.

Back On: Pretty in Pink Rivalry.

Leaked: Community Memo About Dan Harmon

HuffPo’s Best Series Finales Ever.

7 Minutes in Heaven: Tina Fey.

Amy Effing Poehler.

Andy Samberg: Harvard’s Class Day Speech.

Reggie Watts and Will Forte Sing the Blues.

EIU’s War with Hannibal Buress.

Life Story in Getty Images.

John Malkovich Siri Ad.

Update: Menu at Great GoogaMooga Festival.

As God as My Witness I thought Hot Dogs Could Fly.

Evil Cows.

Fuck Yeah Smiling Dogs.

Pups First Venture Outside.

PopDust Supercut: “Call Me Maybe” (via)


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