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Jon Hamm on Dating Game in 1996


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“Tonight Show Celebrity Photobomb” with Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm


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Jon Hamm and Elmo: Sculpture


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A Young Doctor’s Notebook – Official Trailer


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The Greatest Event in Television History


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SNL Recap: Mick Jagger and Kristen Wiig

The season finale of SNL had some fine moments including another terrific Jon Hamm appearance, an always welcome cameo from the usually hilarious Steve Martin in The Californians, some nice sketches with host Mick Jagger, great musical performances with Jagger playing along with Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, and Jeff Beck, Stefon punching up The Update segment, and Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg’s Digital Short Lazy Sunday 2. But the highlight of the night had to be the last sketch when the current cast (and Lorne Michaels) said a heartfelt goodbye to the amazingly talented Kristen Wiig. With Arcade Fire leading the band with a solid version of The Rolling Stones classic, “She’s a Rainbow,” each cast member took a turn dancing with Kristen Wiig before Mick Jagger came out to say the final goodbyes of the season. The goodbyes have always been one of our favorite parts of SNL, and last night featured an animate Jon Hamm as well as former cast members including Parnell, Will Forte, Chris Kataan, Amy Poehler, and Rachel Dratch. It’s going to be tough to replace Wiig, but I think that Abby Elliott, Kate McKinnon, and Vanessa Bayer are all up for the challenge. There were also many rumors about Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis leaving the show, but they are either staying or weren’t afforded the heartwarming goodbye that they gave to Wiig. I hope Sudeikis stays on at least through the election so we get a few more appearances from his Mitt Romney impression. We’ll see what happens next season.

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Leftover Links

Here are some of the things we like from the past couple of days:

Time Magazine Kid: A Meme is Born.

Time Magazine Mom: Q&A.

Paul Rudd: Men Also Love Boobs. Also, Jon Hamm.

Howard Stern on: Jimmy Fallon & The Today Show.

Obama Backs Gay Marriage: News Reaction & Twitter Reaction. Michelle Reaction. Also, The Daily Show & The Colbert Report.

Conan and Yoga.

Reggie Watts on Conan.

Ron Fucking Swanson.

Cougar Town is Moving to TBS.

Beastie Boys Street Art. Virgin Airlines Tribute.

Grimes “Nightmusic” Video.

Mates of State “Unless I’m Led” Video.

Watch Spiritualized in Concert Tomorrow.

The Hood Internet Release Mixtape Volume 6.

Bono Sings with Glen Hansard at NYC Club.

Two Old Men Review Adele.

Hendrix Estate Not Behind Andre 3000.

The Hideout’s Production of Hair.

The Weight of the Nation Trailer.

Five Favorite Moments: Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast.

Celebrity PSA: Got Your 6.

Dustin Hoffman Saves a Jogger.

Draw Something Fun: Ignore Hitler.

Cat Riding a Pony.

Chef Dale Levitski’s Favorite Pizza.

Sports Sign. I Concur.

Sports Sike.

Father John Misty “Sally Hatchet” Video:

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Hamm and Watts

We love Reggie Watts and Jon Hamm so this tribute to Taxi is just about perfect for this sunny Tuesday afternoon. (via)

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Hamm & Watts, posted with vodpod

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Monday Late Links

Ellen Was Gay 15 Years Ago.

Veep and Girls Get Renewed.

Jon Hamm: Before Mad Men.


Vulture Interview: Lizz Winstead.

Watch: One World Trade Center Time Lapse.

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

The Birbig Burger.

Instant Date.

Boys With Beards With Cats.

Good Luck: Leaving the Internet for a Year.

Jeremy Lin Commencement Rap.

The Avengers Assemble on Facebook.

Dan Rather Sticking To His Story.

NME 100 Best Songs of the 80s.

More Songs About Chicago.

Dr. Dog “Lonesome” Video.

New Gaslight Anthem: “45”

New Eternal Summers: “Millions”

New Regina Spektor: “Small Town Moon”

MMJ To Tour With Band of Horses.

Get To Know: Foxes.

The Mountain Goats Reissues.

The 2012 Smiths/Morrissey Convention.

Get a Free Rhett Miller Song.

The Comments Nickelback Didn’t Answer.

The Best Songs About Redheads.

Awesome: John Peel’s Record Collection!

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