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Watch: Patti Smith Interviews Neil Young


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Patti Smith on CBS Sunday Morning

I love visiting New York City. One of my special gifts when traveling to New York is the uncanny ability to spot celebrities. Over the years I’ve spotted CNN’s Kyra Phillips, Greg Kelly (photo), the guys from the short lived TBS show My Boys, one of the Real Housewives, Adrien Brody, Connie Britton, Regina Spektor, Jeremy Sisto, Sutton Foster, and Matthew Broderick. I’m still holding out hope for Woody Allen. Or Regis. And while I can’t say that I have ever seen the great Patti Smith on the streets of New York, I did happen to see her strolling through the airport looking very Patti Smith-y. I’ve loved Patti Smith since I first heard “Because the Night” playing on my radio that was also a Chicago Cubs helmet. As I grew older I dug deeper and listened non-stop to her records Easter and Horses. I was happy to have her back in the late 80’s with Dream of Life. Last year I devoured Just Kids, her memoir about the amazing relationship she had with the artist Robert Mapplethorpe. And just today I was happy to learn that Patti Smith will be releasing a new album later this year. Yesterday on Sunday Morning, Anthony Mason did a feature on Patti Smith which was followed by an excellent post show interview and performance. It’s not to be missed.

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