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Craig Robinson v. Nick Offerman: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

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Ron Effing Swanson

One of our favorite characters on TV is Ron Swanson and this tumblr gives him the respect he deserves.

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Cubs v. White Sox Round 2

Today in Awesome: Swanson v. Philbin, Round 2

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Leftover Links

Here are some of the things we like from the past couple of days:

Time Magazine Kid: A Meme is Born.

Time Magazine Mom: Q&A.

Paul Rudd: Men Also Love Boobs. Also, Jon Hamm.

Howard Stern on: Jimmy Fallon & The Today Show.

Obama Backs Gay Marriage: News Reaction & Twitter Reaction. Michelle Reaction. Also, The Daily Show & The Colbert Report.

Conan and Yoga.

Reggie Watts on Conan.

Ron Fucking Swanson.

Cougar Town is Moving to TBS.

Beastie Boys Street Art. Virgin Airlines Tribute.

Grimes “Nightmusic” Video.

Mates of State “Unless I’m Led” Video.

Watch Spiritualized in Concert Tomorrow.

The Hood Internet Release Mixtape Volume 6.

Bono Sings with Glen Hansard at NYC Club.

Two Old Men Review Adele.

Hendrix Estate Not Behind Andre 3000.

The Hideout’s Production of Hair.

The Weight of the Nation Trailer.

Five Favorite Moments: Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast.

Celebrity PSA: Got Your 6.

Dustin Hoffman Saves a Jogger.

Draw Something Fun: Ignore Hitler.

Cat Riding a Pony.

Chef Dale Levitski’s Favorite Pizza.

Sports Sign. I Concur.

Sports Sike.

Father John Misty “Sally Hatchet” Video:

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Chicago v. Chicago Round 1

Ron Fucking Swanson and Darryl from The Office disagree about the best baseball team in Chicago. Yes, the Cubs blew an outstanding Opening Day performance by Ryan Dempster this afternoon as they lost to the Washington Nationals, and they might struggle to win 7o games this season, but they will always be better than the White Sox.

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