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Learn Guitar With David Brent


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The Office Farewells


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The Office is Filth


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Happy Halloween from Rainn Wilson


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The Office Bloopers


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Rainn Wilson lures Blake Griffin into his Van


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Craig Robinson v. Nick Offerman: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

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Cubs v. White Sox Round 2

Today in Awesome: Swanson v. Philbin, Round 2

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Leftover Links

Here are some things we have enjoyed over the last few days:

Grant Park, 2am. (via)

Awesome Tumblr: What We Should Call Social Media.

MCA’s Opening Lines from Every Beastie Boys Song.

Beastie Boys Sold Records.

New Magnetic Fields Video.

Regina Spektor “Call Them Brothers” Video.

First Watch: Dr. John “Revolution”

Spiritualized on David Letterman.

Steve Albini did a Reddit AMA.

Nada Surf Covers New Order.

Metric Play Acoustic Version of “Youth Without Youth”

New Redd Kross.

Vintage Photos from SST Records.

New Vampire Weekend Album in the Works.

Of Monsters and Men on Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon Record out June 12th.

Gig Poster of the Week.

The A.V. Club Recommends: If You Like Childish Gambino.

Alison Brie sings “Rich Girl”

Letters of Note: W. Axl Rose.

NME: 100 Best Songs of the 80’s

CBGB Festival: Guided By Voices, Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

No Doubt Webisode 1.

Do This on Sunday.

Read This: How Sears Guitars Changed The Sound of American Music Twice.

Disney’s Taxi Driver.

Watch: You Just Don’t Get It, Do You?

Will Ferrell’s SNL Promos.

Making The Office Watchable.

Roger Ebert Remembers Betty.

NYT: Prime-Time Stern.

Nick Offerman Coming to Chicago!

Video: Printers Row Live with Chad Harbach.

Do the Moonwalk

Famous Paintings Recreated with Jelly Beans.

Cats and Dogs Inspired by Billy Joel.

A Tribute for Meow.

Has Eataly Found a Chicago Home? Pizza by the Numbers at Piece.

Consequences of Gay Marriage.

Gay Rights in the USA: An Infographic.

This Squirrel Knows What’s Up.

Gay on TV: It’s All in the Family.

Kids are Funny.

Worst #IfIHadAGun Tweets.

Mary J. Blige “Why?” ft. Rick Ross (via):

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Chicago v. Chicago Round 1

Ron Fucking Swanson and Darryl from The Office disagree about the best baseball team in Chicago. Yes, the Cubs blew an outstanding Opening Day performance by Ryan Dempster this afternoon as they lost to the Washington Nationals, and they might struggle to win 7o games this season, but they will always be better than the White Sox.

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